DigiScan: compare your digital maturity with 1000 industrial SMEs!

Only 3 steps to an overview of your digital maturity with tips and tailored advice.

The Digiscan is free. Your data is treated confidentially.


Scan - Prioritise - Decide

In 20 minutes, answer a series of questions about your digital processes, digital innovation and digital culture and determine your business priorities. Then get detailed feedback on your digital maturity based on a benchmark of 1,000 industrial SMEs. Finally, discuss and validate your digital strategy with your peers.


No fewer than 1,000 Belgian SMEs have already done so. Take the DigiScan today!

Objectify your digital maturity and talk with colleagues and partners

Your main benefits


Overview of digital domains

Together with the industry, we have validated a framework that will enable you to more quickly navigate your way through the complex world of digital opportunities.

Personalised results

You will receive a personalised report containing your digital maturity compared to the digital champions (top 20%) and specific advice.


Your digital maturity vs. Top 20%

For different digital dimensions, general or specific, compare your maturity with that of most mature companies in the sector and make the right decisions!

Set your digital strategy with your colleagues!

About DigiCoach

With DigiCoach, Agoria wants to support you in your digital projects and digital experiences. As a technology federation Agoria represents both the supply and the demand side: companies faced with digital challenges and companies offering digital solutions. Through the DigiCoach program, we bring together both sides to strengthen the digital competitiveness of Belgian companies. Check all program information Agoria.be/nl/DigiCoach.


Members of the team

Serge Audenaert

Digital Expert

Carine Lucas

Digital Expert

Benjamin Minard

Digital Expert